Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Outline.

Here it is - a simple version of my outline, in all it's glory!

Chapter 1. Introduction
Background, previous work, theoretical implications.

Chapter 2. Initial Research
My two pilot studies, hypotheses.

Chapter 3. Methodology
Just what it says.

Chapter 4. Results - Identification and Authenticity
Remarkable significant results from listeners' responses. (crossing fingers)

Chapter 5. Results - Vowel Modifications and Cues
More astounding significant results from speakers' phonetic changes. (crossing fingers)

Chapter 6. Discussion and Conclusion
A brilliant discussion that makes people marvel at my conclusions and think this was the most important research done this year and perhaps this millennium in the entire field of linguistics. Or at least something intelligent that connects my experiment to something theoretical.

No, these aren't the actual titles - just what'll be in them. More or less. Ish.

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