Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Over 200 pages later...

And I still can't figure out what kind of statistical test to run on my listener responses. Ugh. I guess I'll just do a bunch more Chi-Squareds and call it good. Then if that's not correct, at least I can ask my committee what would be more appropriate. In the meantime, I made a pretty outline of a table to show them when they tell me what I did was wrong :) Then again, they're the ones who told me to just do that test in the first place, so maybe just maybe I'm worrying over nothing and it will be right!

On the plus side, I have finished my statistics for the speaker results! And I have several nice p < .001, which makes me quite happy. I spent a couple hours yesterday agonizing over which tests to use for these, then as I was browsing through powerpoints I found online, I discovered that while in theory it's better to use a certain type of test (the one I couldn't figure out), in practice most people just do this other test twice (which I had already figured out and successfully ran). Sweet! So I did, which is how I got my results. Now I just have to be able to explain exactly what they mean.

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