Friday, October 9, 2009

Slow going

My poor old laptop is painfully slow. When I bought it I thought it would last me through all five years of grad school - ha! Last year my husband the scientist convinced me to get a new one, and I'm so glad he did. Because trying to do my research and write my dissertation on that thing would be, as I said, painful. I'm actually writing this whole post as I wait for it to open up a document within a folder. Yeah, it's that slow.

But I shouldn't rag on it too much, because I was able to put a trial version of SPSS on it, and it worked the first time! Yesterday was a really productive day - I was able to run all of my tests on that, despite the slow going. All the chi squareds for independence were disappointing - very few significant findings. But my binomial tests were beautiful, with most p values registering at .000!

I was also able to talk to my adviser yesterday and discuss the results I did have. She suggested I make sure and call my committee members (not just email), because they need to be constantly reminded. She's told me more than once to just keep calling and bugging her, or I'll never get in touch with her. It's weird to have to pester the person who's supposed to be guiding you, but you get used to it. That doesn't mean I like to feel like that annoying student who keeps calling, but I'll do it out of necessity.

Oh, the file finally loaded! Off I go!

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