Monday, October 19, 2009

Some motivation

My husband the scientist is my biggest motivator to getting my PhD in a timely manner. Example: In order to advance to candidacy in our department, you have to have two "publishable papers" plus of course your prospectus. It's really a great thing. Anyway, my husband told me he wouldn't propose until I had finished both my papers. And he was dead serious.

And let me tell you how motivating that was. I worked my tail off to get those done! Not to make it sound like I sacrificed quality for speed per se - but a motivation like that will really curb any perfectionist tendencies that might keep you toiling for an extra month.

Once I finished, we did in fact get engaged.

And a few months later, I had a new motivation. Once I finish my dissertation, we can start a family. YES!!!

I think some women might resent their husbands holding out these things that they so desperately want like a carrot on a string. But I don't (usually). I know he's being practical and helping to make sure I prioritize and finish what I've started. Because once we begin these other big wonderful life events, my tendency is to ignore little things like my research. Not the best plan if I actually want to finish this PhD. Which I do. Which I will.

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